Innovation refers to this humankind specific capacity to create new solutions, tools and more effcient processes to improve the living conditions of the whole society. Indeed, our world today would be by far different if the industrial revolution, for instance, had not taken place, if Thomas Edison had not invented the electric bulb or if the Wright brothers had not contributed to what became later modern aviation.

In the light of these innovations that had a direct impact on our contemporary lives and our way to see our future, we can indeed say that the world of tomorrow is to be built on the innovation projects created today.

Today, innovation is at the heart of our societies. Indeed, the major technological innovations of these last years combined with the economic current environment demanding companies to be more and more competitive are meeting the ideal requirements for the innovative ecosystem to be fully operational.

Besides, some major society challenges such as ecology, overcrowding, or else decentralization appeal to the capacity of our societies to find innovative solutions that will help solve these problems in the years to come.

The Blockchain is a perfect example of the importance of this innovative process combining both the maturation of computing technologies and the need to bring alternative solutions to banks .


The First Decentralized Platform of Freight Transportation. We are changing all traditional platforms and offering solutions such problems as: bureaucracy, high commission costs and insurance limits, informational barriers and court costs.



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Our business operates in 6 countries across 3 continents with a mission to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve globally, through long term stakeholder income value creation through leadership with trust on our secure Blockchain. Transport coin technologies founded in October 2016, is an organization of the foremost Blockchain and transport enthusiasts developing the industry standards.


Transportation companies are impacted by everything that happens in the industry and have a vested interest in the outcome of the technology. We encourage transportation service providers, institutional investor and retail investor to join because their participation means growth to both the industry and investors. Security and success is assured in Blockchain technology.


We also know that shipper/rail network supply-chains are impacted by their ability to get access to data from across the freight landscape .Blockchain promises to provide a chain-of-custody and usher in a world of full transparency. Investors servicing this industry have an opportunity to create new business offerings, channels and commercial outcomes send can create also revenue streams.

global leader in cryptocurrency trading and investments


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We provide personalized, premium services to our clients. Blockchain consultation and research service. Cryptocurrency exchange services for investors and institutional traders. Best of industry ICO structuring, deployment, investor relations, global marketing & global PR.

Token issuance platform:
End to end tech solution for token sales. Complete KYC/AML and accredited investor checks, funds transfer, hot/cold wallet storage, token issuance and management. Transport coin technology combine strong software development and engineering skills with domain expertise in all facets of the transport and blockchain industry, and we strive to use this combined experience to develop products and solutions that meet the changing needs of our customers and this emerging industry.

Blockchains can seem difficult to understand. Our training sessions, talks and lectures, for all publics, follow one crucial criterion : pedagogy. Our goal is to make people understand, in a simple way, the functioning, the stakes and the use cases of blockchains and cryptoassets to improve the transportation sector.

Blockchain technologies are a unique opportunity to rethink organizations and processes, and to open up to new markets. Being proactive on blockchains requires to think as a leader of the sector, and anticipate on this technology, in order not to suffer the standards chosen by competitors.